Please feel free to download and use these Morse Flash Cards to aid your learning.

Download: PDF Morse Flash Cards - Fronts

Download: PDF Morse Flash Cards - Backs

Trimming the cards

Download the PDF files to a convienient location on your hard drive. Print all the fronts first on to stiff card. Make sure the cards are in the order they were printed and re-feed them into your printer ensuring you position them so that the backs print the correct way up. This will be different for each model of printer so it may be necessary to experiment with a spare sheet of paper or card first.

Once printed, take each card in turn and with a craft knife and on a cutting mat, cut within the trim marks using a metal safety ruler from one trim mark to another. Do not cut to the outside of the card. If you don't feel confident in doing this, please find someone who is willing to help. You can use the trim marks printed on either side, they should match or be close enough. Re-cycle any waste if possible.

The cards in use

When starting to learn Morse Code with the flash cards, select 5-10 cards at random. Go through them slowly, first from the character side, flipping the card over and memorising the Morse side (Di's and Dah's etc.). Go thorugh the whole pack without repeating ones you have already learned. After you have been through the whole pack, gradually increase the number of cards you memorise in each batch. Repeat this as necessary. When you can remember the whole pack, reverse the cards and test yourself. When you can remember all the cards, both ways, you will be prepared for listening to Morse on a radio or sent to you with an oscillator. I have found that most people can read Morse at a speed of 5 Words Per Minute at this stage.

These flash cards are a great way to get started with Morse Code. They are deliberately designed with Di's and Dah's to replicate the sound of Morse Code as it is sent. It is very inadvisable to add the dot and dash equivalents to the cards as this adds a conversion which will slow down learning by a large degree. Always use the Di's and Dah's.


Steve Smith (G0TDJ) accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss to your equipment or person in the production of these cards. Please observe sensible safety precautions when using sharp blades and read your equipment instructions before printing. Although every care has been taken in the design of these cards, no warranty is implied or given for any purpose. Myself and others have found them useful in learning Morse Code but they may not be suitable for everyone. As with any learning, using these cards must be supplimented with other methods including listening to real Morse code from various sources. These documents are provided free of charge and may be copied and distributed in any way on a strictly non-profit basis. No commercial use is permitted. Any questions may be directed at the link below.